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Sam Verderico

Brief description

I am a skinny assed,little guy on a big 1000, and in 2010 I will have some serious EDR power in my motor and a goal in my sights.....I am going to ride as hard as I can, be smooth and consistant and go after the #1 plate!

A Quick Chat with EDR Rider Sam 'Skin and Bones' Verderico

Sam you just finished up the 2009 race season and wound up with your first Top 5 plate, securing the OMRRA #5 Overall Championship Plate, how'd that feel?

Getting the #5 overall plate for OMRRA was a great racing achievment for me,it really blew my mind when I found out! I am going to paint the #5 on all my bikes and wear it with pride in 2010.

How long have you been racing?

I started racing in 1998 with WMRRA, in 2004 and 2005 I had to put my wife through college so I halted racing and began again in 9 years and going!

How did you get into racing? What was your first race bike?

I bought a CBR 900rr in 1997, took a Keith Code California Superbike School at Pacific Raceways, loved the track so I became a novice with WMRRA and never looked back! I sucked for about 6 years until Mike Sullivan took me under his wing in 2006 and showed me how to be a racer!

How did you hook up with EDR Performance and Eric Dorn?

When I started racing, Eric Dorn was the Dunlop tire Vendor in WMRRA and OMRRA. He got me onto Dunlops, put his EDR sticker on my bikes and always gave me discounts on parts and service. Eric was the first person to help me out with my racing and to this day, he has never stopped giving me great support. Between his reliable,fast as hell motors and top notch service,it's hard to imagine racing without his support.

Whats one race that you remember best, either good or bad?

Believe it or not one of my most memorable races came this year. It was the last race of the season with OMRRA, it was 750 Superbike and it was a battle like no other! Me and Justin Lowitz (another EDR supported racer) battled every corner,every lap for the win! The battle lasted all the way to the last lap,where I hit a lapper and it threw me off the track! Justin went on to win the race but it was just raw excitement the entire race! I wish every race could be like that one.

What do you do outside of racing? Work wise? Other sports? Family?

I am a painting contractor in Wenatchee, Washington. I used to race mountain bikes and road bikes but gave it all up to become a superbike racer. I just flat out live and breath roadracing and nothing else even comes close to it! All I got for a family is Stephanie and our two "BIG ASSED" dogs.

What's your plan for 2010? What race series are you contending? What bikes will you be running?

In 2010 I will be racing a GSXR 1000 and a GSXR 750 in the OMRRA series with one goal in mind....#1 plate! I will be racing the AFM and USBA whenever the schedules do not conflict with any OMRRA dates. I was planning on running the AMA series in 2010 but I really want to make a run at the #1 plate before going national. I also have a sponsered GSXR 600 as a back up/rain bike when needed.

Whats your realistic goal, outside of challenging Rossi for GP Champion?

I never took racing very seriousely, I did it for fun,to hang out with my racing buddies and to make a little money. Winning the #5 plate changed me. I realized I can actually achieve something from racing,to be a champion. I have never ridden over my head or past my limits,never pushed too hard, and always stayed within my comfort level. I know I have the skills and ability to race for the top spot, and in 2010 I am going to prove to myself I belong in the front. I finally have a goal I want to achieve in racing,and in 2010, my goal is #1!

Wish Me Luck!
#5 Sam Verderico


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